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Modern automatic transmissions are relatively trouble free, Checking fluid levels and regular servicing is the best insurance against transmission problems. The number one cause of transmission failure is overheating, most overheating is caused by fluid leakage, once the fluid levels are too low, overheating and erratic shifting occur. If you notice anything different in the operation of your transmission don’t hesitate to gives us a call for a road test. Most modern automatics will set computer codes when there is a problem . We will pull codes for free.
Common symptoms of manual transmission problems:
Popping out of gear
Gear noise when vehicle moving or when in neutral.
Shifter feels sloppy
Noise when shifting from one gear to another, up or down ( synchros)
Slipping or difficulty putting in gear can be clutch related.
Chattering when engaging can be caused by broken clutch parts, warped flywheels.
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