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If you are experiencing difficulty shifting into or out of gears, or are experiencing slipping on hills, or at freeway speeds, chances are you have a problem with your clutch or shifting linkage. A low or fading clutch pedal may indicate hydraulic failure. Average clutch life is about 60,000 to 110,000 miles, depending on driving conditions, and make and model of vehicle. The facings on the clutch disk wear as the miles accumulate. The clutch pressure plate and flywheel can become worn, warped or cracked from all the heat generated by friction in the clutch which can cause chattering or fluctuation at the pedal.
A perfectly good clutch can be ruined by oil contamination, pilot bearing/bushing failure or the clutch fork and pivot ball can wear out and prevent clutch from working properly. We feature a DCM flywheel grinder and do all our machining in house. This allows us to have faster turn around times We offer appointments for service and can do one day services on most vehicles.
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