CV Joint

CV Joint is a collection of bearings and cages that allow for axle rotation in power delivery on a number of different angles and planes. This allows the axle to change length as it travels up and down with the suspension. All the parts spin around in a protective layer of grease that is contained by a flexible rubber boot. Without the boot the grease would simply spin out of the CV joints. The boot also keeps dirt and water out. Most drive axles consist of two CV joints and boots with one or two sets of splines.

One side of the axle gets power from the transmission, the other delivers the power to the driven wheel Over time the rubber boots of the CV joints can become cracked, torn, or otherwise compromised. Once moisture and dirt get into a CV joint and grease makes its way out, the CV joints days are numbered. If you experience any clicking noises when turning sharply at slower speeds or when accelerating in a corner you may have damaged CV joints.

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